4 members of an American human rights delegation to Israel and Palestine were deported to the US by Israeli authorities following their detention at Ben Gurion International Airport over the weekend. The activists, who became part of the “Justice Delegation”, included 19 popular civil liberties and social justice leaders from the US, consisting of law teachers, attorneys and heads of civil liberties organizations. Centre for Constitutional Rights (CCR), who arranged the delegation, stated their objective was to “witness the human rights circumstance in Israel and Palestine, consisting of the history of organized displacement and institutional bigotry, along with the work of human rights protectors there.”. Their see began the back of the death of 47 Palestinians who were shot by Israeli snipers along the Gaza border.

2 of the 4 deported are Vincent Warren, executive director of CCR, and Katherine Franke, chair of CCR’s board and Sulzbacher Professor of Law, Gender and Sexuality Studies at Columbia University. The 2 others who were deported did not wish to be called or talked to.

Israeli authorities stated that the factor for the deportation of the activists was their assistance for the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) motion. Talking to Democracy Now, Franke stated that Israeli authorities “shouted”at her in Ben Gurion airport and implicated her of “promoting BDS in Palestine”. Frank discussed that she was not and the idea of “promoting BDS in Palestine” was “ridiculous”. In any case, the delegation verified that none were on any designated Israeli blacklist associated to BDS advocacy which they had actually been granted visas by Israel for the go to. Moreover, members of the delegation reported that they had actually passed passport control with their visas in hand, which would not have actually been possible if they were on any Israeli blacklist. While being questioned at the luggage control area, Israeli authorities implicated members of the delegation of promoting BDS. According to Franke, who informed the airport guard they were checking out to “witness and affirm to the sort of human rights infractions [we were seeing there], not to participate in any BDS-related activity,”the Israeli authorities googled her on conservative, pro-Israeli “trolling websites”, which implicated her of being “devoted to the damage of Israel”and of being anti-Semitic.

Throughout her interview with Democracy Now, Franke pointed out that while she was being questioned, the president of Columbia University strolled by her and was leaving the nation while they were apprehended in the airport. While Franke did not implicate the university where she speakers of avoiding her, she questioned the ethical code of Columbia University, which she stated is intending on or considering opening a worldwide centre in Tel Aviv; a centre, she discussed, which trainees at Columbia University cannot go to.